Clubs and Organizations

National Junior Honor SocietyNational Junior Honor Society

St. Thomas More Catholic School has a chapter of the National Junior Honor Society. Please refer to page 65 of the 2014-2015 Student Hanbook for qualification information.

Student Council

The STM Middle School student council is composed of National Junior Honor Society members as well as two elected members per grade from the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade classes. Campaigns and elections are held during the last two weeks of school every May. Students must get recommendations from three teachers in order to run. They also must prepare and deliver a speech to their classmates before the voting takes place. After the council is formed for the new school year, officers are chosen by the students at their first council meeting in August. The president and vice president must be National Junior Honor Society members and all officers are 8th graders.

The council is a student service organization and supports existing activities and creates new activities that are consistent with the STM mission statement and our dedication to being No Place For Hate. The council helps with numerous activities, including the More Fest, the pet blessing, updating the marquee sign in front of the main entrance to the school, planning activities for No Place for Hate lunches, giving tours to prospective students and their families, hosting special visitors, and collecting donations for various charities. The council also plans and carries out two middle school socials (activities include dancing, game room, and a service activity such as writing to soldiers or shut-ins) per year, one in the fall and one in the early spring. Student council members are model citizens for the rest of the middle school community and help the teachers, office staff, and administrators whenever possible.
Kindergarten/8th Grade Buddies

Kindergarten buddies For a Kindergartner, attending a big school for the first time can be overwhelming. An STM tradition partners each Kindergartner with an 8th grader to form a friendship with each other throughout the year.  They enjoy time spent together attending Mass and assemblies,working on special art projects, reading together on Pajama Day or just waving as they pass in the courtyard.  The students in both grades form a special bond that sometimes spills over into after-school times. The 8th graders look forward to this honor from their youngest years at STM, and the Kindergartners quickly understand what a privilege it is to have a buddy among the oldest students at the school.  It is a joyful connection that makes the first and last years at STM extra special.

Safety Patrol

At STM, both morning and afternoon dismissals are staffed by middle school students. Participation in Safety Patrol is through application and a student may not have any failing grades or check marks on their report card, specifically in conduct, if they are applying for Safety Patrol.

The Morning Patrol begins its duty at 7:40 am and works until 8:00 am. 5th through 8th grade students may apply for Morning Patrol. The Morning Patrol should open the door for you and assist your child out of the car. If for some reason you must park, (i.e. if your child has a big project to carry into school, or he/she is injured in some way), the teacher in charge will cross you and your child only at the crosswalk by the breezeway.

Unless your child is in need of special consideration, you should drop off her/him at the sidewalk.

The Afternoon Patrol works from 3:15 to approximately 3:20 and 5th through 8th grade students may apply for this duty.

Dismissal can be hectic and we strive to keep all concerned safe, so please follow directions and abide by what teachers direct you to do.

Members of Safety Patrol are our children who provide a service to the entire school community under the direction of the school administration and you must follow Safety Patrols’ instructions to assure the safety of all.


Brownie Troop STM has a number of different troops at all age levels for girls and boys. For information about Scout troops contact the school office.

Edge (View latest events)

EDGE is a national program sponsored by Life Teen International to address the spiritual, social and fun needs for those in 6th through 8th grades. At STM the parish-wide program is open to middle school kids in at St. Thomas More School, public school and home school.

We have many activities during the year to have the young teens get involved. Attendance at every EDGE function is not mandatory, but we encourage active participation in the group.

EDGE also helps parents and their young teens in 6th through 9th grade prepare for 10th grade Confirmation with the program called “Road to Confirmation.”

We typically schedule activities/meetings three times a month:

  • 1st Saturday of the month : EDGE service Saturday
  • 2nd Sunday: Youth Mass/ potluck/ open gym
  • 3rd Sunday: EDGE meeting/ youth Mass
  • 4th Sunday: Off week

EDGE registration happens in the late summer when school is back in session. Cost is $10 which includes all program materials and a T-shirt.

Here is a sampling of EDGE activities and outings:

  • Attend Archdiocese of Atlanta Eucharistic Congress
  • EDGE Summer Camp in Tiger, Georgia
  • Catholic Workcamp summer mission trip
  • Operation Shoebox warehouse packing
  • More Fest
  • Halloween party for the parish
  • Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper for the parish
  • NET retreats
  • Project Open Hand service
  • Annual Decatur service project to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • 30 Hour Famine
  • WhirlyBall Atlanta
  • Catholic Day at Six Flags Over Georgia
  • Movie nights

After School Activities and Organizations

STM does not casually endorse or promote extracurricular programs by allowing brochures, advertisements, etc. to be displayed in the school or distributed to the student body. In order to have your program endorsed, you must interview with STM administration, and present a recent background screening on the provider(s) of the services who will be working with children. Further recommendations and/or visits to the program site may be required. Once we have this information, school officials will make a decision.