Saint Thomas More

A Catholic School in the Jesuit Tradition

National Blue Ribbon School 2016

Faculty and Staff

Through careful selection Saint Thomas More School has assembled a dedicated, professional, nurturing, and inspiring group of faculty and staff members. Together, they have an average of 15 years of experience and over 60% of them hold advanced degrees. They support each other, working together to educate students in the traditions and values of our Catholic faith. They consistently challenge each student to recognize his or her own unique qualities, and those of others. And they help each student find ways of making each year at Saint Thomas More School thought-provoking and exciting.

Every person on the Saint Thomas More School faculty and staff — teachers, teaching assistants, administrative staff, clergy and custodial staff — is committed to making Saint Thomas More School a place where students want to spend their day. As one student recently shared the first week of school, “I love school! I like it even better than summer!” What more can be said?

Name Position E-mail Address
Claire Anderson 1st Grade Teacher
Emily Anderson Middle School Science
Laura Ayala Media Specialist
Emily Bacon Kindergarten Teacher
B.B. Bangura 1st Grade Assistant
Tim Beck Middle School Math
Margaret Becsi 2nd Grade Teacher
Diane Burns Technology Coordinator
Judy Chadwick Aftercare Director
Brian Christopherson Director of Faith Formation
6th Grade Religion Teacher
Theresa Christopherson 5th Grade Teacher
Jon Paul Craciun P.E. Teacher
Aaron Daniecki Facilities Operations
Karyl Davis School Financial Administrator
Elizabeth Elliott 2nd Grade Teacher
Patty Finley School Nurse
Yemane Ghidey Facilities Operations  
Debbie Gittens-Hans 2nd Grade Assistant
Lena Hamilton 6th Grade Language Arts, 7th Grade Social Studies
Ginny Henry 6th & 8th Grade Social Studies
Cameron Hicks 3rd Grade Teacher
Todd Hines Facilities Manager
Beth Jones 8th Grade Language Arts
Social Studies Teacher
Brittany Kelley School Counselor
Mary Jane Kettler Middle School Math Teacher
Romana Khalaf Resource Teacher
Eileen Killeen-Maron Admissions Director
David King Music Teacher
Kim Kissell Director of Daily School Operations
Heather Kloer Computer Teacher
Apryl Koch Kindergarten Teacher & Curriculum Coordinator
Ian Labreck Band Teacher
Heather McElroy Kindergarten Grade Assistant
Yvette McNett Assistant Principal
Kathy Merritt 4th Grade Teacher
Cate Miller Art Teacher
Debra Tatum Moody 5th Grade Teacher
Ansley Murphey Development Director
Shirley Murray Primary Assistant
Mary Nicolatos Resource Teacher
Gigi O’Shea Health Teacher
Chad Paetznick Band Teacher
Jeff Peterson P.E. Teacher
Jerry Raymond Principal
Peggy Saunders 7th Grade Social Studies
7th Language Arts
Andy Scantlebury 7th & 8th Grade Religion
Connie Stierlen Spanish Teacher
Melody Summers 4th Grade Teacher
Terri Tirella Media Center Assistant
Extended Care Billing
Beth Todd 3rd Grade Teacher
Judy Trotochaud Resource Teacher
Heather Upton Kindergarten Teacher
Melissa Woodson 1st Grade Teacher