Saint Thomas More

A Catholic School in the Jesuit Tradition

National Blue Ribbon School 2016

Creative Learning

Creative learning provides wisdom beyond books and tests. At Saint Thomas More School, we give every student the opportunity to make the most of his or her individual talents to enjoy education and realize success. We aim to create a learning environment that celebrates each individual and provides learning opportunities that are meaningful.

While books and tests remain important at Saint Thomas More School, our faculty and staff believe every student brings unique gifts and talents into the classroom. At the start of every other school year, we survey students to identify their learning styles and multiple intelligences. Most of our educators have completed over 80 hours of training to apply differentiation in the classroom, a reflection of our dedication to making learning relevant and fun for every student.

Differentiated instruction stems from the theory that students learn best as they correlate the curriculum with their unique interests and experiences. Rather than “one size fits all” teaching, differentiated instruction may offer students a choice of tasks and activities to learn in their own way. For a particular assignment, a teacher may offer challenging choices appropriate for different learning styles and while encouraging students to work collaboratively to find the answers.