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Why STM?


Saint Thomas More Catholic School is a warm and nurturing community inspired by Jesuit ideals and academically challenging our Pre-K through 8th grade students to achieve at their highest levels, find God in all things, and go make a difference in the world.

What makes one school stand out from another? Our graduates reflect the true value of a Saint Thomas More Catholic School education. We aspire for our students to be deeply rooted in the following ideals upon graduation.
  • Take intentional responsibility to continue growth in body, mind, and spirit;
  • Be intellectually curious and take ownership and pride in their learning;
  • Understand Catholic doctrine, find God everywhere, and celebrate diversity;
  • Be joyfully compassionate in building and understanding their relationship with self, others, their community, and God; and
  • Recognize those in need, empathize with them, and act on that need.

High schools value our graduates.


When students graduate from Saint Thomas More Catholic School, the high schools assure us that they are extremely well-prepared and some of the kindest students they know.  Our students leave our campus inspired to be people for others, spreading God’s love in the world.


Why high school administrators love STM graduates


Current parents value STM's strong academics, sense of community, and the outstanding faculty.


What current parents say they love most about our school:
• Excellent academics in a faith-filled setting.
• Outstanding faculty, dedicated to the success of the students. 
• Fun after-school programs (martial arts, chess, art, golf, drama, for example).
• Wonderfully diverse and supportive community. Our families are the best!

Our students' lives are enriched by a holistic educational experience.

Family Atmosphere

At STM, you are part of an open, caring community where all are welcome. Students and their families form friendships that last a lifetime. Many of our students’ parents and grandparents attended STM and treasure the generational connection. Our learning environment is a place where students feel accepted, safe and secure.

Academic Excellence and Joyful Learning

Each and every student can realize their own level of excellence and learn to love learning. To maximize student learning, we use a rigorous curriculum, as well as engaging teaching and learning strategies that support the diverse learning styles of students. Our students are given opportunities to nurture their curiosity and experience delight while interacting with meaningful and engaging content. Through our partnership with parents, the faculty strives to support each student's unique path to success. 

Catholic Faith

We help students develop an appreciation of their Catholic faith and a personal relationship with God. This year’s motto – Kindness Changes Everything – reminds us to respect others, act responsibly, celebrate diversity, and seek God in all things.

Religious Integration

Religion isn’t just a class. It’s infused throughout the school day and is reflected in all that we do. We have student-led masses, rosaries, and Community Prayer Services. Every day, the students take turns leading their class in the Daily Examen to find the movement of God in the people and events of their day. 

Community Support and Outreach

Our STM community works together to support each student, integrating intellectual and religious formation.  We are a 2016 National Blue Ribbon School, committed to making a difference in ourselves and in others’ lives, both in our local communities and around the world.

STREAM Integration (STEM including Religion and Art)

We place a strong emphasis on preparing students for the future by integrating hands-on STREAM education into all aspects of learning, equipping them with the skills they need to succeed in an ever-changing world.

Technology Enhanced Learning

We use technology in a secure environment, to enhance students' learning experience. have a one-to-one device program with older students using Chromebooks and younger students using iPads. We have a full complement of apps, programs, and resources available. Students use our fully equipped news studio, Tiger News Network (TNN), to bring the latest news, announcements, and prayers to the students each morning.  

High Quality After-School Programming

We offer Champions® Extended Care Program and a wide variety of after-school activities. Pre-K through 8th grade students in Extended Care enjoy their snack after school with integrated time for homework, exercise and play, art, literature, and STEM activities. 

We offer tuition assistance.

STM offers tuition assistance through a third-party system based on financial need. Last year, 20% of our student body received tuition assistance. See more about Tuition Assistance

How can I help?

Erin Prange

Director of Admissions (404) 373-8456, x-110

Fast Facts

Pre-K4 - 8th grade

2 classes per grade

463 Total Students