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Clubs and Leadership Organizations


Academic clubs and leadership organizations foster a sense of community and belonging. 


They offer our students valuable opportunities to hone new skills, pursue their interests, and make meaningful connections with peers who share similar interests. By assuming leadership roles, students learn to work with others and build confidence and self-esteem. When students contribute and gain recognition for their efforts, they feel a sense of achievement and are motivated to pursue their goals and interests with greater determination.

These Clubs and Leadership organizations take place during school hours. For information about Extended Care and After School Activities, click here


Once a week, the Debate Club meets during recess to work in a collaborative and cooperative group setting. Students learn to discuss and organize their points of view for one side of a debate. The opportunity to develop their critical thinking skills while exploring various topics and issues prepares students to be more comfortable when engaging in dialogue.

Students from 3rd through 8th grade are nominated by the staff. The purpose of the group is to Lead with Our Values in Every moment, and their team goals include maintaining an inclusive, reflective, and supportive space for personal and team growth, building a leadership framework for student/staff relationship-building with research-based best practices, initiating experiences for all students that celebrate and foster a growth mindset, and enhancing student leadership capacity and reciprocal accountability.

Selected middle school students meet once a week during school to engage in a fun, challenging math program. MATHCOUNTS provides students an opportunity to prepare for and compete in MATHCOUNTS Competitions where different rounds focus on Speed and Accuracy, Problem-solving, Mathematical reasoning, and Collaboration.

Saint Thomas More Catholic School has a chapter of the National Junior Honor Society. Membership is earned through effective demonstration of five qualities held in high esteem by the Society. The five qualities are leadership, scholarship, character, citizenship, and service. The NJHS is an organization that recognizes and encourages academic achievement while developing other characteristics essential to citizens in a democracy.

Under the direct supervision of our office staff, selected students participate in experiences outside the classroom which allow them to develop and demonstrate life skills. Daily, these students raise and lower the school and U.S. flag, prepare the nurse's clinic for patients, and make deliveries to classrooms and the church. As needed, students also assist the office staff with other duties like helping setup for events and sorting lost and found uniforms. 

Morning carpool is staffed by interested 5th grade students. The Safety Patrol students open the car doors for parents and assist children out of their cars. Members of Safety Patrol provide a service to the entire school community under the direction of the school administration.

Interested Middle School students work together with our Religious Coordinator to help plan and execute weekly school masses and other religious activities for the school.

Most mornings, students from Middle School broadcast the school’s news and announcements, the Pledge of Allegiance, and prayer to the entire school through our internal Tiger News Network (TNN). Writing the script, operating the cameras, teleprompter and other broadcasting technology, as well as being a TNN anchor person, promote collaboration and teamwork among the students along with learning journalistic principles and video production. MS Students apply for TNN as one of their Academic Enrichment (AE) classes.


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