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Faculty and Staff Directory


Education and faith begin at home, and our faculty and staff serve as collaborative partners with parents to help children foster a life filled with learning and growth.

  Name Title
Nicole Adams Adams, Nicole Media Specialist
Emily Bacon Bacon, Emily Pre-K Teacher
Cheyenne Bedard Bedard, Cheyenne 2nd Grade Teacher
Angela Benner Benner, Angela 1st Grade Teacher
Michele Blake Blake, Michele Primary Assistant
Shaun Bland Bland, Shaun Principal
Taylor Bruner Bruner, Taylor Pre-K Teacher
Sandy Capretta Capretta, Sandy Business Manager
Seong Cho Cho, Seong Music Teacher
Federica Clemenceau Clemenceau, Federica Primary Assistant
Jennifer Conley Conley, Jennifer Primary Assistant
Ashley DeGracia DeGracia, Ashley 8th Grade Language Arts Teacher
Anne Marie Dynan Dynan, Anne Marie 4th Grade Teacher
Patty Finley Finley, Patty School Nurse
Marcia Forna Forna, Marcia 6th Grade Language Arts Teacher
Yemane Ghidey Ghidey, Yemane Facilities
Savanna Gonzalez Gonzalez, Savanna 2nd Grade Teacher
Martha Griffin Griffin, Martha Middle School Science Teacher
Cynthia Hardegree Hardegree, Cynthia Kindergarten Teacher
Nicole Hayden Hayden, Nicole PE Teacher
Ashley Hess Hess, Ashley 6th & 7th Grade Religion Teacher
Todd Hines Hines, Todd Facilities Manager
Jonell Jackson Jackson, Jonell 4th Grade Teacher
Margaret Johnson Johnson, Margaret 3rd Grade Teacher
Selina Johnson Johnson, Selina 1st Grade Teacher
Brittany Kelley Kelley, Brittany School Counselor
Mary Jane Kettler Kettler, Mary Jane Middle School Math Teacher
Kim Kissell Kissell, Kim Director of Daily School Operations
Elizabeth Knight Knight, Elizabeth Resource Teacher
Meyoshi Lee Lee, Meyoshi Primary Assistant
Kelly Marriott Marriott, Kelly Religion Coordinator, 8th Grade Religion Teacher
Silvia Mastriforti Mastriforti, Silvia Library Assistant
Heather McElroy McElroy, Heather Communications Coordinator
Quinette McIver-Dossman McIver-Dossman, Quinette STREAM Teacher
Juan Medrano Medrano, Juan Middle School Social Studies Teacher
Cate Miller Miller, Cate Art Teacher
Ansley Murphey Murphey, Ansley Advancement Director
Mary Nicolatos Nicolatos, Mary Resource Teacher
Linda O'Brien O'Brien, Linda Resource Teacher
Molly O'Neill O'Neill, Molly Primary Assistant
Kristin Pettus Pettus, Kristin Resource Teacher
Erin Prange Prange, Erin Admissions Director
Lilia Ramirez Ramirez, Lilia Spanish Teacher
Amanda Ristau Ristau, Amanda 5th Grade Teacher
Justin Riviere Riviere, Justin Facilities
Alejandra Saucedo Saucedo, Alejandra Primary Assistant
Peggy Saunders Saunders, Peggy 7th Grade Social Studies & Language Arts Teacher
Charlie Seamans Seamans, Charlie Assistant Principal, 8th Grade Social Studies Teacher
Linda Song Song, Linda 3rd Grade Teacher
Terri Strickland - Tirella Strickland - Tirella, Terri Business Office Administrative Assistant
Debra Tatum Moody Tatum Moody, Debra 5th Grade Teacher
Marcus Taylor Taylor, Marcus
Katie Thames Thames, Katie Middle School Math Teacher
Heather Upton Upton, Heather Kindergarten Teacher
Peg Westbrook Westbrook, Peg Primary Assistant

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